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Autumn_Leavesxx OOC's Journal
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Thursday, September 6th, 2007
7:30 pm
Gaaah, I hate to do this, since I was one of the people pushing for activity, but I'll be dropping Gaara. DDD:

The fact of the matter is, I haven't really been DOING much with him in the first place, and I don't check this account regularly, so I keep thinking I'm going to miss a post and hold everyone back. There's really no point in me holding onto him and not playing him when you could have a more active Gaara-mun instead, so I'm letting him go. If anyone ever wants to talk, my roleplay-related username is torasrp; that's probably the most likely place to catch me on AIM. You can still find me at toujours_hotel as Kankuro.

Again, I apologize, but I think this is the best option at this point. It's been fun~ ♥ Bye, guys.
Monday, August 20th, 2007
11:43 pm
ooc, leaving

Well this is it...... ^^;; It was great RPing with you all here. Really~~~~ ^___^

I'm sorry for saying this but I'm leaving now. My muse got  away, I know it's a crappy explanation but it's true... ._. I'm sorry once again.

So then, keep going, and byebye~~~~ Have fun~! ^.^

Suz ((Deidara-mun))

Current Mood: blank
Saturday, August 11th, 2007
12:41 pm
Just thought I'd intorduce myself, since I'm new and everything.
I'll be playing as the Unnamed Member in Akatsuki.
My name's Jessica and you can call me that too.
So let's start roleplaying. ^-^

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, July 27th, 2007
6:11 pm

I'm Back, Bitches!

Yep, I'm back. Because I bet ya'll were devestated without me. =)


What's going on with this com. D8 -pokes- It's barely moved!

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, June 29th, 2007
4:16 pm

I spam you.


weeklypaper_rp & weeklypaper_ooc

Welcome to The Weekly Metropolitan, a multi-fandom (anime/manga/videogame), AU roleplay. What's with this place, you ask? Your character now lives in the prosperous city of Metropolis (creatively named, I'd say) and has decided to get a job in the journalism business. This is office luff, fluff, drama, and violence(?!) all rolled into one. Your goal- get the freaking paper out by the end of every week! Plop your character in the midst of a hellish workplace, and they'll end up praying for mercy during the ungodly hours of Saturday night, praying for the holy Sunday morning to come and for those bicycle-riding kids to take your stuff and throw hundreds (maybe even thousands) of copies of your hard work into the driveways of sleeping civilians. During your (few-ish) off hours, you're free to explore the city and take advantage of the many things it has to offer (feel free to use your imagination >D!) Description creatively written by bhujerba, our lovely Mod

x Rules x Taken Characters x Reserved Characters x Application x

Feel free to delete this if this isn't allowed.
12:50 pm
Naruto-mun will be on hiatus for the next 2-3 weeks starting tomorrow morning, as she will be in Detroit with little time on the computer. She would tell you herself, but she is unable to access her browser currently because it's being a little bitch T^T.

Therefore, for the next half-month or so - any questions, comments, concerns, or other issues should be directed to myself or Sai-mun.

Thank you!
Wednesday, June 27th, 2007
9:42 pm
I'm sorry, but I'm going to be poofing for a while.

8D Of course, I hardly know anyone here, and Shino isn't very important in the plot, but because his team and team 7 are traveling together, I'm happy.

Well anyways, starting on Saturday, I'll be gone or three weeks.

>.>;; Camp fun~ In a tiny island in Canada~ No internet~ Dirty cabins~ Hardly any showers~ Fun fun~

Okay, I hope I'll be able to keep my position, but I've barely done anything here, so I'll forgive you if you replace me. ^^;



Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
12:02 am
...because we are SO ready to go. Hell yeah!
Okay everyone, it's about time we got down to business plot-wise, wouldn't you say? ^^

With the addition of our two lovely new members, Suigetsu and Karin, the old plot is essentially useless. We were considering starting from scratch again anyway by popular vote, but the near-complete formation of Team Hebi closed the deal.

Here's the plan. We're going to form a plot with respect to the current manga. So, if you are not up-to-date with the present storyline, I highly suggest you become familiar or you may find yourself completely lost. ^^;; Now, unlike last time, we are not providing a definite plot for everyone. Personally, I believe that was the mistake to begin with. Forced plot = strict guidelines = lost interest. So instead, you may roleplay however you wish as long as you make sure to:

1. Know what's going on manga - characters, events, etc. Though keep in mind, we are not kicking out anyone if their character dies - so Hidan and Kakuzu stay, and such.

2. Receive the consent of all of the characters you want to incorporate in your roleplay, should you choose to make a major advancement in the plot. ['major' as in, affecting the majority of roleplayers] If others don't agree with your plot ideas, it's probably not a good idea to push it - we don't need a repeat of last time. ^^;;

Is everyone alright with that? Let me know! Alright,I've said enough, you're free to roleplay! Enjoy~!

Any questions? Ask away! ^-^

[EDIT] Naruto-mun would like to say ILU to everyone. Because she is special like that. <3

I forgot to give everyone a starting point. Woo, I'm smart. XD;;
So, I was thinking we should start when Team Hebi is completely formed and ready to go, rather than in the middle of the current Deidara versus Sasuke for a couple of reasons. One, because that's sort of an awkward place to begin. Two, I want to give Sasuke, Deidara, and Tobi the option of confrontation rather than forcing them into it. So, hope that helps give everyone an idea! Have fun!
Thursday, June 21st, 2007
4:07 pm
...because people are lost and we need to find them. XD;
Alright! Moving things along, I have yet to hear about the following rpers' statuses:
+ Kiba/Shikamaru
+ Hinata
+ Shino
+ Ino
+ Temari
+ Anko
+ Orochimaru [original nor temp.]
+ Hidan

If anyone has contact with any of the previously named rpers and/or knows their roleplay status, could you please let me know?

Thank you!
Saturday, June 9th, 2007
4:46 pm
...because I'm making a comeback. Yeah. Be afraid.
So, in addition to Naruto-mun's poll and post below - I have to ask: Who else is still here? ^^;

Summer's back, or nearly here for some of you, and I'd like to be able to get this community active once again. SO - as a comment to this post, could everyone please let me know if they're still around and want to be? If not, then please also comment on this post that you are dropping your character.

Thank you~! ^-^
Friday, June 8th, 2007
10:14 pm
...because I love this icon.
So looking at the poll results, three of you say we START OVER.

Who disagrees? :D
Thursday, May 31st, 2007
8:20 pm
Poll #995033 WHAT TO DO???

What should we do with the RP?

Start over
Continue on with what we have
Other (If so, explain in comments)
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
8:08 pm
Sorry minna...that lasted a lot longer then I expected DX I had...a lot of IRL stuff to deal with,including the loss of an uncle.

I'm back though!

I should also tell you that Kakashi-muns computer was damaged in a flood two weeks back so she will have no interbutts untill wed of this coming week.
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
10:52 pm
Due to school stress and complications, Naruto-mun would like me to inform everyone that she will be on hiatus for longer than expected. *pouty*

Nevertheless, she, as well as I, would like everyone to continue the current roleplay. I know it's hard between school or work, or both, for that matter, so slacking off a bit won't lose you any points. *has been slacking a lot lately*

However, if you haven't already, do try to add something in Tsunade's roleplay post. We want to try to send the teams out and get some action for you guys~. ^^
Thursday, April 12th, 2007
2:54 pm

We aren't dying, I swear >>;

So, I will be on a short hiatus from Friday until Monday-ish. When I come back I'll start up a post for Akatsuki. Later, I'mma make a chat for ALL Konoha nins and I'm gonna motivate you guys to BE ACTIVE.

Because I admit I haven't been very active here myself I take partial responsibility.

So! When I get back I'mma make sure everthing's rollin' like they were before!

Gai: This means Hiatus at NH.

10:38 am
Okay, I know I'm not your Orochimaru, but I still owe you something for dropping out on you. ^_^;; I also know some of you from NH, which I have also neglected. Due to RL occurances and odd, unstable (as in really, really slow or not loading as opposed to no connection) internet, it was hard to access things so I had to limit myself to a community I had the most presence on. So sorry for poofing on you. ^_^ Not sure if you even still need me anymore.

Love you all. ^_^♥
9:26 pm
Hey everyone,

I'm sorry and I know this is a really bad time to do this, but I'll be dropping this community due to real-life piling up on me, and the lack of time and commitment.
Y'all can always poke me up on AIM if you see me there and it was real fun getting to know many of you guyz. (: Thanks.

Good luck with this RP and have fun.

Friday, April 6th, 2007
4:56 pm
I'm also going on hiatus due to two consecutive band festivals I have to attend.
I will be leaving on April 11, however, the hiatus begins now as I'm busy with last-minute school work. >>; I should be back sometime around April 22.

I'll keep up with the roleplay as best I can until I leave. >>; If I don't get a chance to take Hinata out appropriately, feel free to godmod her if need be or to forget about her. =/ Whatever you guys deem best. *doesn't care at all*

Thanks. ^^ <3
10:11 am
My apologies, but I'll be dropping the community.
Good luck to you all and have fun~
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
7:53 pm
Temp hiatus
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