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weeklypaper_rp & weeklypaper_ooc

Welcome to The Weekly Metropolitan, a multi-fandom (anime/manga/videogame), AU roleplay. What's with this place, you ask? Your character now lives in the prosperous city of Metropolis (creatively named, I'd say) and has decided to get a job in the journalism business. This is office luff, fluff, drama, and violence(?!) all rolled into one. Your goal- get the freaking paper out by the end of every week! Plop your character in the midst of a hellish workplace, and they'll end up praying for mercy during the ungodly hours of Saturday night, praying for the holy Sunday morning to come and for those bicycle-riding kids to take your stuff and throw hundreds (maybe even thousands) of copies of your hard work into the driveways of sleeping civilians. During your (few-ish) off hours, you're free to explore the city and take advantage of the many things it has to offer (feel free to use your imagination >D!) Description creatively written by bhujerba, our lovely Mod

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