Uchiha Itachi (hi_no_amaterasu) wrote in alxx_ooc,
Uchiha Itachi

...because people are lost and we need to find them. XD;

Alright! Moving things along, I have yet to hear about the following rpers' statuses:
+ Kiba/Shikamaru
+ Hinata
+ Shino
+ Ino
+ Temari
+ Anko
+ Orochimaru [original nor temp.]
+ Hidan

If anyone has contact with any of the previously named rpers and/or knows their roleplay status, could you please let me know?

Thank you!
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Holy crap... I totally forgot I RP'd here... I'm gonna have to leave actually. D: Lotsa things came up and stuff so yah.

KIBA AD SHIKAMARU, signin' off~. <3
Aww, okay. It was nice having you! ^-^ Thanks for letting me know!
You're still here! Awesome. ^^
hello i live! *0*
Oh yay!! Glad you're staying!! ^__^